ADA Compliance Checklist for Existing facilities and Restriping of Parking Spaces

ADA Parking Requirements

The most common reason dealers have been sued is over the ADA parking requirements.  According to the 2010 ADA Parking Requirements Revisions, if you have from 1 to 25 total parking spaces, you must have at least 1 that is not only parking accessible but, if your station has repainted or remodeled, is also Van Accessible.  The new parking requirements include a wider aisle to allow individuals to exit and access vans from wheelchairs or other devices.

The specific requirements are that the parking space itself be a minimum of 96 inches wide, the van accessible aisle be at least 96 inches wide (this is the space that is cross-striped to prevent parking in the space), the 96-inch width access aisle must be level and have access to the premises via an accessible route.  The last requirement is a sign, mounted at least 5 feet high, that not only identifies the parking space Handicapped Accessible with the familiar wheelchair design, but has written underneath that symbol the words “Van Accessible.”

Given that this requirement kicks in when you remodel a facility or repaint the parking area, it would apply to most stations.

In the past year many lawsuits have been brought on by several law firms representing Americans with disabilities.  Threatening to sue many retail outlets however not for just parking spaces, but also for non ADA compliant areas within our members’ facilities.

For more information on ADA checklists and Accessible Parking Spaces, please feel free to click on the files below.